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This app is designed to help biochemistry students learn and understand the basic topics of biochemistry more.

The content of this app includes the following:

Introduction to Biochemistry

Metabolic Regulation

Steroids abd Bile Acid: Lipid Metabolism

Ribonucleic Acid (RNA): Basic Knowledge

Fluid Mosaic Model & The Role of Cell Membrane, Proteins and Membrane Transport

Cell Cycle: Regulation, Apoptosis, Mitosis and DNA Replication

Energy, Enzymes and Metabolism

Gene Mutations and Repair Mechanisms of Cell

Gene Expression: Transcription and Translation

Amino Acids and Proteins

Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Steps and Pathway of Gluconeogenesis

Steps and Pathway of Glycolysis

Definition and Function of Enzymes

Cholesterol Metabolism

Fat Mobilization, β-Oxidation and Ketone Body Metabolism

Triacylglyceride Metabolism

Metabolism of Amino Acids

The Chemistry of Carbohydrates

Fructose Transport, Degradation and Biosynthesis

Citric Acid Cycle

Lipid Metabolism: Fatty Acid Metabolism

Nucleotide Metabolism- Purines and Pyrimidines

Hemoglobin and Movement of Oxygen.

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