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man relied on the healing properties of medicinal plants.

Before the introduction of chemical medicines, man relied on the healing properties of medicinal plants. Some people value these plants due to the ancient belief which says plants are created to supply man with food, medical treatment, and other effects. It is thought that about 80% of the 5.2 billion people of the world live in the less developed countries and the World Health Organization estimates that about 80% of these people rely almost exclusively on traditional medicine for their primary healthcare needs. Medicinal plants are the “backbone” of traditional medicine, which means more than 3.3 billion people in the less developed countries utilize medicinal plants on a regular basis (1). There are nearly 2000 ethnic groups in the world, and almost every group has its own traditional medical knowledge and experiences (2, 3). Iran is home to several indigenous tribes with a rich heritage of knowledge on the uses of medicinal plants. Iran has varied climates and geographical regions that have caused a wide distribution of individual medicinal plant species such that each tribe has its own plants and customs. Alamut is one of the most important geographic regions in Iran because of its ancient history of cultivating traditional medicinal plants. Alamut region and the several villages it encompasses are secluded from other cities in Iran, which is why the people living in this region have relied on indigenous medical knowledge and medicinal plants. In this study, we analyzed the medicinal plants with most therapeutic usage in the region.