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App of medicinal plants and natural remedies with video tutorials

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With this free app you will know the most natural remedies based on plants, which have healing properties for a large number of ailments.

The use of medicinal plants has been the method of natural healing more popular and used by all cultures.

In this free app you will know the therapeutic virtues of some of the most popular plants.

Here you will see the characteristics of each plant, the way to collect them, their therapeutic use, their internal and external use, the dosage and the precautions that must be taken into account.

There are a large number of properties associated with the use of medicinal plants, without side effects, with a lower cost and the absence of chemicals.
The medicinal plants brings you closer to the natural, with informative videos about herbs, plants, trees, fruits, home remedies, indications, symptoms, illnesses, pains, disorders and much more. And especially the ailments that can calm.

With this free app of medicinal plants through video tutorials, you will know the advice and home remedies of the grandmother such as:

* Healthy and healthy food with a guide to the properties of food to help us in our health and nutrition

* You will know many medicinal plants and their different uses for all types of diseases

* Natural remedies to all those ailments that affect us all, aphonia, dandruff, constipation, sore throat, headache, colds, cough ...
* Useful tips for better nutrition such as: consume bread, eliminate fat, healthy habits or nutrition in adolescents, etc.

Know all this and much more with the advice of this free app of medicinal plants. Do not hesitate to download it and share it with others, so that everyone knows these natural remedies.

Thank you for downloading this effective app of medicinal plants, with home remedies and natural herbs, to soothe and cure any type of ailment and anomaly.

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