Meditation Timer - Simple, unguided meditation APK

Simple, clean & easy Meditation Timer to practice meditation with a history log

Version1.5.0 (57)
UpdatedAug 01, 2020 (1 week ago)
DeveloperNiklas Baudy
CategoryApps, Health & Fitness

With this clean and simple Meditation timer, you can start your unguided meditation with an optional warm up.
You can adjust the times as you please.
Meditation Timer offers 8 different gongs.
Every time you meditate, Meditation Timer will update the history log in the calendar.

Meditation Timer can do all of the following:

- Vipassana
- Anapana
- Zen Meditation
- Loving-kindness Meditation
- Insight Meditation
- Walking Meditation
- Body scans Meditation

How to meditate using this Meditation Timer?

- Set meditation time and start the clock
- In the beginning only focus on your breathing.
- Breathe in.
- Breathe out.
- Be aware.
- Be alert.
- Be attentive.

Enjoy this meditation timer. Also known as a Meditation Clock.

Email: niklas.baudy@vanniktech.de

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