Meditation Timer APK

This app will assist you during meditations to keep track of time.

Version3.0.3 (9)
UpdatedJun 25, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperDan Hintz
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Meditation Timer will assist you during meditations to keep track of time. Meditations can be silent or with a background sound. The app will allow you to define meditation sessions.


A timer consists of the timer name, a duration, an initial delay, a background sound, and chimes at various intervals.


An alarm consists of the alarm name, alarm time, a background sound, and an ending chime.


A linger chime can be applied to a timer or an alarm. Linger chimes will play after the session has completed, at specific intervals until it is stopped. This could be helpful if you think you will fall asleep during the session.


A timer duration stops at a specific time from when the timer is started (e.g., "10 minutes", "30 minutes", etc.).

An alarm's duration is the alarm time for which it is set. It is a specific time of day (e.g., "6:00 AM", "10:45 PM", etc.).


Chimes for a timer can be applied at any time during the session, or a linger chime after the session is complete.

Chimes for an alarm can be at completion, or a linger chime after completion.


The app contains a handful of background sounds that can be played during the meditation, including rain, a stream, a fan, and campfire.


If the Do Not Disturb setting is active, any incoming calls will be rejected, and notifications and system sounds will be muted, only when a timer is actively playing, and not while paused or finished.


The display timeout behavior can be set to No Timeout (Always On), or Device Default. When the screen is turned off or times out, the timer will continue to play, as well as any background sounds and chimes.


This app asks for the CALL_PHONE permission, but no outgoing calls are made from this app. The permission is simply needed to use the telephony interface to reject incoming calls during meditations (if your device supports telephony). During install, you will see a warning that states this permission "may cost you money", but there is absolutely no reason to worry.

The READ_PHONE_STATE permission is needed to detect incoming calls.

The WAKE_LOCK permission is needed to keep the CPU running when the device goes to sleep. The wake lock is only acquired when a timer is playing, and it is released immediately when it is stopped or finished.

Email: meditationtimer2015@gmail.com

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