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Dec 24, 2021
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Meeerge GAME

Welcome to the world of Meeerge! Here you can enjoy the truest and purest merging gameplay in dozens of original brutal age themed islands!

A divine artifact has been sealed from a dangerous spell. Heroes set forth on a journey with their tribe to discover mystical lands and recover the divine artifact. The only chance they fulfill the task is your merge magic to MATCH EVERYTHING! This gift passed down by generations of priests aids the expedition to new lands and daily maintenance of the tribe.

Fight against dark minions with the help of heroes to awaken corrupted lands. Merge creatures to develop the tribe, then explore more lands and unlock new storylines. Create every tribal member a merge mansion by following the instruction of tribal artisans. Merge everything you’ve got to save those amazing species and acquire powerful items told by ancient fables.

Accompany helpful allies and almighty heroes, help the frantic yet optimistic tribal members, rebuild their lost homeland, and lead the tribe to revival!


== Excellent Objects ==
- Match and tap Orbs to unleash Life Essence to cure the Corrupted Land.
- Collect Orbs, Spirit Essence, Berries, Rainbow Sculpts, Pearls to prepare your hunt for lost treasures.
- Merge Dragons, Mammoths, Fairies, Unicorns, Nymphs, and Grumpy Mice to experience more game plots such as dragon mania legends and the origin of klondike.
- Upgrade Mystery Nebulae, Undersea Remains, Moon Wells, Carvings of Embla, and Druid's Rune Portals to harvest rare resources and gain precious eggs even including dragon eggs in this stone age caveman game.

== Challenging Puzzles ==
- More than 1000 tasks exercise your skills to solve tricky issues.
- Over 200 strategy-involved levels with different merge design styles awaits you!
- Fulfill side gigs in your merge life to uncover hidden scenes – can you save all the lost tribal members?

== Powerful Heroes ==
- Encounter various new heroes in the journey.
- Revive the tribe alongside heroes with unique skills. Develop the merge camp even into a merge city!
- Strengthen Heroes’ skills to embrace your solving abilities. You will get an islands game of more satisfactory once you do more skill matches!

To ensure everyone enjoy in a fabulous time-management and collecting game experience, we spent over 2 years developing and provided the most accessible gameplays and the smoothest match and merge experience! This is one of the most ambitious merge games ever!

Come on! Don't miss the chance to be a top world-class MERGE MASTER!
Download and start your MEEERGE adventure right now!

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