Set up your own online grocery store and earn 10K+ every month with 0 investment


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Aug 19, 2022
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Set up your own online grocery store and earn 10K+ every month with no investment

Running an online grocery business could not come with better incentives.

As a Meesho Superstore Partner, all you have to do is set up your shop on the Meesho Superstore Partner App. You can immediately start sharing the link to your store with all your contacts. Once your customers place the order, Meesho Superstore will deliver the best quality produce to your address the very next day.

Our priority - Your success

Our goal is to make your online grocery store a success. We offer many priorities, benefits and features to ensure this:

Zero investment from your side
Fresh produce at the lowest prices
Meesho Superstore takes care of delivering quality produce to your location
All earnings in your bank account within two days of delivery
Relationship managers to guide you through the initial stages

How can you be a Meesho Superstore Partner?

Being a Meesho Superstore Partner only takes a few simple steps:

Download the Meesho Superstore Partner App
Add your store name and address
Share the link of your online shop with potential customers
Once they place their orders, you need to approve them
Sit back and wait for Farmiso to make the delivery to your location
The earnings from the order will be credited directly to your account in two days

What Meesho Superstore offers you?

From getting the fresh produce from farmers to getting it delivered to your location, Meesho Superstore takes care of all business related hurdles for you.

Meesho Superstore gives you the platform to manage all your orders at one place.
Meesho Superstore’s Earnings Dashboard lets you track your total sales and total earnings.
You get weekly insights about your customers’ buying behavior, your business’s performance and growth.

Start earning right away by becoming a Meesho Superstore Partner today!
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