MemeScanner: Image Text Search APK

Search your gallery for text inside of images and videos to find memes!

VersionPro-Release Crashfix 2 (15)
UpdatedJun 16, 2020 (4 months ago)
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Are you tired of scrolling through your large folders of memes, screenshots and images to find a specific one? Then MemeScanner is the right app for you!

MemeScanner lets you search for text inside your images and videos. To do that, MemeScanner uses Google Vision OCR to initially scan your gallery and extract the text. This allows for quick searches afterwards. When searching for a word, MemeScanner will show you every image and video on your device that contains the word, as part of the image or the file name. Opening the image/video leads you to your standard gallery app, which lets you share the image/video like you are used to.

The scan and search for images and videos with text works offline. At no point is any of your data transferred over the internet!

Scan and search for video in MemeScanner Pro only, available via in-app purchase!

What's New

- Added MemeScanner Pro: ad-free and with video support (beta)!
Upgrade available as In-App Purchase

- Added user made translations: bg, ca, es, iw, nl, pl, pt, tr
(If you want to translate MemeScanner to your language too, contact me)

- Fixed two new crashes of the pro-update

- Fixed a stupid bug that made it impossible to open images with spaces in the filename

- Added options to share the app and give feedback in the menu

Email: joeylaschet@gmail.com

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