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Oct 6, 2021

Memorização para Concurso APP

Learn from the fastest reader in the world.

Purchasing this app will give you access to exclusive exercises and techniques tested with over 1 million students and over 10,000 hours of training to improve your performance, expand your cognitive development and make you stand out in tests, competitions and in the job market.

The application contains exercises in applied mnemonics, retention and associative visualization, in addition to having playlists with several videos on how to practice the exercises, tests done with Professor James Bauer and extra content.

Learn it:
- to memorize tables, numbers and even texts.
- improve your ability to retain information from 100% up to 1000%
- improve your performance in tests and competitions.

In addition, you will still be able to participate in exclusive groups where you will have access to many other materials shared by Professor James Bauer.
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