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Challenge your brain and your friends one!!

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Challenge your brain and your friends one!!

Memozzle is a fast paced and fun card memory matching game where you can challenge your friends or play against a random opponent worldwide.

You have maximum 1 minute in each round to find the matching pairs. The 3 rounds gradually increase in difficulty.

The matches are played in three rounds and the highest total number of scores wins.

Follow the increasing difficulty in the different tournaments levels: Apprentice, Hero, Super, Master and Expert. Join the best players on each level.

Keep your mind in good shape by playing a couple of rounds every day!

The rounds can be played when it suits you. You can get going as soon as you have 1 minute to spare!

Challenge yourself and your friends in Memozzle!
Memozzle available for Android phones and tablets!
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Memozzle Features:
★Practice offline and see game statistics
★No ads
★Chat with your opponent.
★See your position in the Top list. Try to be the Worldwide Master or the best one in your country.
★Jokers to help: If you need some help you can use one of the Jokers you have in the game, to flip all the cards, to get 10 seconds more or to match 3 pairs automatically. Remember that you can only use 1 Joker per round and the same Joker cannot be used twice in a game.
★Game can be played in the following languages:
English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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