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This is the most ingenious memory game that you've ever played.

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedDec 01, 2013 (7 years ago)
DeveloperNox Productions
CategoryGames, Puzzle

NOTE: This is just a demo version with limited functionality. Download this version if you want to try the game and see if it works on your device. The description below is for the full version.

Cut to the chase, find the hidden path before your opponent! This is the most ingenious memory game that you've ever played. Play against the ai or dare your 6 year old for a game of fun, excitement and maybe a little perplexity when your mind plays tricks on your memory and take you down the wrong path...

In MemPath you need to memorize both your steps and the opponents to be the first to reach the finish line. You win when you reach the opponent's starting point. MemPath has different difficulty levels, so you can challenge both kids and adults, or challenge yourself in a game against different ai-players.

- Single player game. Play against 4 different opponents.
- 2 player game. Play against your friends (hotseat mode).
- 4 different boardsizes. Small is easy and large is hard.
- Detailed statistics for every opponent and boardsize.

How to play:
To win, you need to find the hidden path and reach your opponent's starting point before he or she reaches yours. You share the same path which lead to each other's starting points.

You choose your way through the gameboard by pressing one of the selectable squares marked by arrows. If you choose the right square you may continue, but if you choose the wrong square it's your opponent's turn. It's important to remember both your moves and your opponents since the opponent's starting point is your goal.

You can choose different difficulty levels by choosing different size of the gameboard. Tiny is the easiest one and large the most difficult. If you play against the AI, Kevin is the easy opponent and Destiny the most difficult of them all. You can also change how fast the AI move and think in the settings.

Email: info@noxproductions.se

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