Measures & scores driver behavior; provides coaching to improve risky behavior.


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Sep 3, 2023
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Mentor DDP by eDriving℠ is an app for drivers of Distribution and Delivery Partners around the world. Mentor helps you improve your driving by measuring your driving behaviors, providing actionable feedback, helping you to develop safer driving habits that can be sustained over time. Changing behavior and habits is hard work, as anyone knows who has attempted to modify their diet or exercise routine. But Mentor can help you make key changes in driving habits, one trip at a time, by:

• Identifying “at-risk” behaviors including Harsh Acceleration, Hard Braking, Harsh Cornering, Phone Distraction, and Speeding

• Measuring and rewarding changes in behavior

• Providing engaging 3-5-minute micro-training modules to help encourage behavior change

Why is this needed? The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has identified the main cause for crashes: Drivers! An NHTSA study found that 94% of crashes were caused by drivers’ actions which reflect their attitudes and behaviors, NOT by skill gaps or an inability to drive. Increasingly, driver distraction is contributing to more collisions and incidents than ever before – both mental distraction (thinking about something other than driving) and physical distraction (interacting with a phone). And it’s getting worse! Over the last two years, the rate of increase in road fatalities rose to levels unseen in the past 50 years.

Mentor℠ can help! With Mentor, you will:

• Receive a FICO® Safe Driving Score that reflects your positive and negative driving behaviors over a rolling 7 days

• Understand how well you drive and where and how you need to improve through immediate feedback received after every trip

• Monitor trending for your FICO® Safe Driving Score over time

• Receive a “playlist” of bite-sized, interactive coaching modules designed to address your specific driving challenges

• Easily complete and submit your DVCRs from within Mentor

Drivers make more than 200 decisions during every mile driven (OSHA). Mentor helps make sure they are the RIGHT decisions.
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