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The Ultimate Vietnamese Visual Pronunciation Training Software is now AVAILABLE and ACCESSIBLE to users globally !

This not-to-be-missed app is The Ultimate Mobile Vietnamese Visual Pronunciation Aid for both teachers and students who wish to learn & teach Vietnamese Pronunciation to the core as it uses a unique approach unmatched by any other programs in existence on the marketplace giving you a technical description & phonological explanation of the sound & tone system in the Vietnamese language.

While other Vietnamese pronunciation products rely on solely mimicking of sounds, this app gives you a close-up view of mouth formation, tongue position & so its movements when pronouncing each target sound using visual aids (a facial front-view video, a facial 45-degree side-view video & a real-time moving cross section of a tongue ) with a fair bit of English explanation showing step-by-step audio-visual instructions for you not only to HEAR but also be able to “SEE” how the sound is spoken.

We also let you approach the tones from many different angles, not make you do it in a “listen & repeat” learning motto, we get you to see the correlation/the mutual relationship between Viet tones & the intonation in English ( how similar ? how different ?) using visual aids & phonological description to illustrate how tones are made in a very clear manner to make sure you all would be able to say the tones on your very first try.

Among all the language learning apps here, The Ultimate Vietnamese Pronunciation Training Software probably strikes the best balance between LEARNING LANGUAGES while still HAVING FUN, like a game.

The app rewards you and incentivizes you with our digital currency, called “MEPro coins”. This way, you will earn more coins that you could use to practice the language, level up faster, unlock exclusive rewards, in-app items and all features inside, of your choice for FREE.

This program is not only innovative but proven to be effective after extensive testing with lots of foreign learners from many countries.

- You can delve deeper into learning the small but very important sounds of Vietnamese which are NOT in your native language.

- You can also hear the difference of similar-sounding words in the two languages (Vietnamese vs English ), watch the movement of the mouth & the shift in mouth openness with a fair bit of English explanation.

- Discrimination of Minimal Pairs for Final Consonants: A minimal pair is a pair of sounds with ONE phonemic difference only. The small differences in the pronunciation of them sounds are very important for speaking and understanding spoken Vietnamese.


- The improvement on pronunciation alone helps you make yourself understood 30% better, however, improving the intonation or the patterns of the target language can help you up to 70-80%. Thats why we made our app this way - The Ultimate Vietnamese Pronunciation Training Software is the only one on the marketplace that combines PRONUNCIATION, TONE SYSTEM, RHYTHM, Vietnamese INTONATION...into ONE solution. It teaches you to employ CORRECT SENTENCE STRESS, emphasize the correct words in a sentence for native sounding rhythm, speak with Vietnamese intonation, link words for smoother speech flow, use common word contractions, and more... with excellent breakdown of sentences and explanation on why things are said.

- It incorporates in a way for you to record yourself speaking the language. Check your mouth position in a mirror mode ( video recorder).

- Your recording will be automatically replayed & compared to that of the native speaker.

- We compare your pronunciation to data from millions of native speaker samples to see where you get stuck.

- We then score your recordings and IDENTIFY what goes wrong (if any) & give you the most accurate, personalized feedback on your progressions as much as possible.

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