The 'Mercenary Mode' from Resident Evil on Android


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Mar 19, 2020
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Mercenaries GAME

Mercenaries is a third-person action game where you can play some of the most personable characters from the Resident Evil saga and face off against interminable waves of zombies. Basically you can enjoy the classic 'Mercenary Mode,' but on your Android device.

The control system in Mercenaries is well adapted to touch screens. On the left side of the screen is your virtual stick to move around, while on the right are your buttons to aim, shoot, sprint, reload, and pick items up off the ground. To switch weapons just tap the button in the top left corner.

Upon starting Mercenaries you can pick which character you want to unlock first: Leon, Chris, Sherry, Sheva, or Jill. Once you pick your character you can start playing to get coins and unlock the rest. Each game lasts a short time, but you can collect sand timers to increase your time and get better points. Once you've got enough coins you can even unlock a new level.

Mercenaries is a good third-person action game that successfully manages to translate the fun Mercenary Mode from the Resident Evil saga to Android devices. Plus the game has excellent graphics, although it obviously borrows some models from the original games.
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