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Merengue music
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History of merengue:
Merengue is a musical genre of dance originated in the Dominican Republic at the end of the 19th century. It is very popular throughout the American continent, where it is considered, along with salsa, as one of the great musical genres that distinguish the Latin American gentilicio. It is also very popular in part of Europe, such as Spain, among other latitudes. The merengue was inscribed on November 30, 2016 in the representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Unesco.
In its origins, the Dominican merengue was interpreted with stringed instruments (bandurria and / or guitar). Years later, the string instruments were replaced by the accordion, thus conforming, together with the güira and tambora, the instrumental structure of the typical merengue ensemble. This set, with its three instruments, represents the synthesis of the three cultures that conformed the idiosyncrasy of the Dominican culture. The European influence comes to be represented by the accordion, the African by the tambora, which is a drum of two patches, and the taína or aboriginal by the güira.
Although in some areas of the Dominican Republic, especially in the Cibao and the Northwest subregion, there are still typical groups with similar characteristics to those pioneers, this rhythm evolved throughout the 20th century. First, with the introduction of new instruments such as the saxophone and later with the emergence of orchestras with complex instrumental sections of winds.
The evolution of the merengue of decent lyrics to soften one of its rumbas. Thereafter, it spread very rapidly throughout the country. In 1875 President Ulises Francisco Espaillat (known for his writings against merengue) began a campaign against merengue for his dances and explicit lyrics, but it was totally useless, because the dance had already taken over the Cibao, where he became strong to such A point that is today associated with this region as the cradle of merengue.

As musicians were those who fixed the musical form of the new merengue, popular musicians tried to imitate and follow this model, while the country man continued playing the merengue in its original form. This gave rise to two forms of merengue: folklore or typical merengue, still found in the fields, and the merengue of salon, typical of urban centers. In this way, he displaced some other typical dances such as the tomb, which required great physical and mental effort, while the merengue choreography, in which the man and the woman never let go, was quite simple, although little by little Various figures were developed for this ballroom:
The merengue of strings (guitar, accordion, güira and tambora) is the first manifestation of the rhythm, in its primitive phase, but with the arrival of the accordion by the north coast from Germany, this novel instrument then and of greater sonority than the guitar, Little by little it would replace it, giving way to the format that, in the north, would acquire the name of "Perico Ripiao".
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