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Merge Racer: mini motor idle merge racing game

1.1.0 · Jul 28, 2020

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Latest Version

Version1.1.0 (41)
UpdatedJul 28, 2020
DeveloperPiG Corp.
CategoryGames, Simulation

Merge Racer: mini motor idle merge racing game game

▶Vroom Vroom! Let’s Go! Go! With the 4wd minicars from the old days.◀

Step back in time and relive your wonderful childhood memories with Merge Racer! A retro motor racing merge game.

Let’s go back to the days of racing minicars; to a time when we would make microcars with rubber bands and batteries.

Do you remember Tamiya? Do you remember feeling like an F1 legend as you raced around the tracks beating all you friends?

Now, the fun is available on mobile. You can now make, race and collect minicars all in the palm of your hand. Enjoy your old memories of these 4WD micro machines while on the go!

To World Racing competition begins, The racers wishes

The prospect of winning the mysterious and magical ‘Dinosaur’, the dream minicar with the ability to grant your wishes has brought together 4 teams and 10 members for the World Racing competition.

By merging two minicars of the same stage you can meet new racers.

Each racer has unique stats and skills and are all driven by different desires.

Enjoy merging and growing your collection.

10+10 = rare minicar! Such an easy formula!

When merging 2 stage 10 minicars, you create one of 10 different rare minicars with.

Every rare car has a respective partner, skill and team unlike the normal minicars.

Upgrade parts of your minicar and their partners; keep customizing until you have the fastest micro machine on the asphalt. Burn that rubber!

Team buff on!
Rare minicars have their own teams! Collect all the minicars from a team and activate a special team buff.

You can obtain more gold and team badges faster.
Special bonuses when racing on a designated track unique to each team! Go! Go! Go!

Racing Terrains
The core of the minicar is the track!

From off-road tracks with the intensity of a hot sun blaring on a barren desert to ice tracks of frozen tundras, to neutral tracks with retro vibes!

Go out and discover the different tracks! Can you master them all?

Each special track rewards champions with team badges that can be used to upgrade a respective team character.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s the time for touch racing!


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