Dash, bounce & maneuver through the endless running retrowave hell of Mesh Dash!


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Feb 10, 2021
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Mesh Dash: The Endless Bounce GAME

Hyper casual games? How about, a HARDCORE casual reflex game? Mesh Dash is the ultimate ball bouncing endless runner, requiring both of your fingers to play! Decide the power of your ball dash and maneuver with one of your fingers, while you control the ball jump and the flying with the other. Survive through infinite platforms while listening to intense, high octane synthwave music beats. The map is entirely procedurally generated, so every replay will be full of new, challenging difficulties.


Unique, skill-based two-finger control & Fast-paced gameplay with strategy
Show off your super fast reflexes with the innovative, skill-based two-finger control! Swiping with one finger to steer and tapping or holding the other to dash, you will embark on a vaporwave journey like never before! Fast thinking and concentration are key in this arcade reflex game. Just don't forget that shields are a great way to stay alive… for a while. Is your strategy good enough for a game of survival?

Dangerous obstacles in an endless, evolving map
Moving and rotating platforms will try to break your ball rush all the time. Bounce on them or avoid them altogether to survive! As you collect more and more scores, the map will get even harder. Huge walls, deadly energy platforms, and even lasers will stop your jumping ball! Not to mention that your scores will be totally unsafe when the black tiles come…

Compete with other players and "outrun" them through the High Score system!
Challenge and beat your friends’ high scores by mastering your endless ball bounce flow! The online leaderboard of Mesh Dash shows you how you compare to other players in the world, and how far you are from dethroning them!

Collect achievements and unlock skins & cosmetics!
Always dreamed of becoming an "Expert Dasher"? Your casual ball jump session ended with a 3 score streak in only one dash? Congratulations, you just unlocked an achievement and a skin! And the bragging rights with them!

Super stylized, arcady, retrowave graphics and synthwave music beats
The fun of the 80s is back! You can feel the retrofuturistic vibe of an arcade cabinet in the palm of your hands! The vibrant, colorful effects and cool 3D graphics are only surpassed by the evolving, electronic synthwave songs! Jump into the nostalgic flow of this Outrun-styled Hardcore casual reflex game!

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