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Aug 3, 2023
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MetaCity M GAME

"MetaCity M" is a semi-sandbox open world metaverse mobile game with over 1600 small towns, 690 secondary cities, 55 primary cities, and a vast exploration world of over 510 million square kilometers. You can adventure freely, build your city, collect virtual assets, and interact with players worldwide. Its highly free gameplay allows you to demonstrate your creativity, and there are various missions waiting for pioneers to explore. MetaCity M brings you an unprecedented gaming experience full of infinite possibilities.

==Game feature==
【Feel the true freedom at Metaverse. Experience the excitement and challenge of adventure.】
In the world of MetaCity M, you can build your own city and career, and improve your status and reputation through various activities and challenges. These activities and challenges cover various aspects, such as building the tallest skyscraper or starting a successful business, and provide more opportunities to experience the fun of freedom and adventure. MetaCity M brings unlimited possibilities and enjoyment, come and experience the true charm of the metaverse.

【Finding true friendship and happiness in virtual communities, experiencing the warmth of the cloud world.】
MetaCity M is more than just a game, it's a social platform where you can make friends and find happiness. Chat with players from different countries using the built-in translation system, visit friends' homes, and share meals for a new social experience and the opportunity to make real friendships with players worldwide.

【Grow together with citizens from around the world and drive the prosperity of your city.】
Establish and develop your own city in MetaCity M by recruiting residents and cooperating with other cities for trade. Build the city's infrastructure and become the owner of a prosperous city, attracting more players to join in advancing its progress.

【From decorating to renovating, build your dream home.】
MetaCity M provides a wide range of home decoration and design options, from property renovation to remodeling, allowing players to design and decorate their homes according to their preferences and styles. Let's build our dream home together! In addition, you can share and compare your designs with other players, gain inspiration and advice, and build more unique and beautiful homes together. Whether you are pursuing a modern or traditional style, or prefer simple or complex decorations, you can find the right design and decoration elements in MetaCity M. Let your home become a true realization of your creativity and dreams.

【Experience the changing seasons and explore freely without boundaries.】
MetaCity M offers unique scenes like cities, forests, lakes, and mountains to explore with other players, find hidden treasures, and complete activities for rewards and achievements.

【Collect rare virtual assets and create your dream collection wall in MetaCity M.】
Collect rare virtual assets in MetaCity M to build your dream collection wall. Display, share, and even trade your unique collection items with other players,
including rare digital currencies, in-game items, and real estate. Show off your style and charm in the virtual world.
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