Metal detector with sound: Metal Finder App APK

Detect any metal accessories through real metal detector or metal finder.

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Metal detector is a free app which detect the presence of metal by measuring electromagnetic field value. App work with device built-in magnetic sensor or magnetometer to find tesla. The sensor allow you to detect any objects generating magnetic fields, the greater the value of magnetic fields the stronger will be the metal. Magnetic fields are generate by electronic devices such as phones, wiretaps, wires, sharp objects, metal screws, coins etc.

Hand held metal detector app will allow you to detect any metal objects with your phone by measuring tesla. Feel yourself detective and surprise your friends. Hand held metal detector app will allow you to detect any metal because all metal generate magnetic field whose strength can be measured by using real metal detector app with sounds or metal finder. The magnetic field level (EMF) in nature is about 49μT (micro tesla) or 490mG (milli gauss); 1μT = 10mG.

Real metal detector or metal finder can be used as emf meter or emf detector. The detector is electromagnetic field detector by measuring tesla and detect metal and detect emf reader. Hand held metal detector are very useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects or metal buried underground.

Usage is simple: Real metal detector app is easy to use, Open the app and move it around any object, the magnetic field will constantly change. From setting you can Turn OFF/ON vibration and sound and you can also change beep sound, there is 5+ beep sounds in the app.
Through hand held metal detector or metal finder you can detect electric wire in the walls (like a stud detector) and iron pipes in the ground.

Main features :
1. Provide visual and audio feedback
2. Detect the strength of Magnetic fields on all three axis’s (x,y,z)
3. Turn OFF/ON Audio beep sounds
4. Changing Beep sounds according to your choice
5. Turn OFF/ON Vibration
6. Provide a graphical view of magnetometer
7. Easy to use

Real metal detector with sound is very useful for constructor worker because the metal detecting app is used to find any wire in the wall and also find stud. It is a good stud detector because the stud detector can work in a similar fashion, the stud is a metal and it generate magnetic field and which can be detected through hand held metal detector or metal detecting app.The EMF meter or EMF detector can be used as a body scanner because people use it as a body scanner to prank with his friends.


1. Is EMF Meter or EMF Detector accurately find all metal?
Accuracy totally depend on device built-in magnetic sensor and its accuracy change from device to device magnetometer.

2. What does if my device doesn’t support magnetic sensor or magnetometer?
If your device doesn’t support magnetic sensor or magnetometer then you cannot use metal detector app.

3. Can I use Emf meter as gold detector or detect silver or copper coins?
You cannot use metal finder as gold detector and also cannot detect silver and copper coins because they are classified as non-ferrous metal as they have no magnetic field. Emf meter or emf detector work well on metal and not on non-ferrous metal.

- Not every device support magnetic sensor or magnetometer. If your device doesn’t magnetic sensor then you cannot use metal detecting app.
- App accuracy totally depend on device built-in magnetic sensor
- Radio waves like laptop, computer, TV and radio signal affect magnetic sensor, so while running metal detecting app then avoid all these places.
- If your device doesn’t accurately detect any metal then in this case developer is not responsible
- Metal detecting app doesn’t detect non-ferrous metal like gold, silver, copper and aluminum as they doesn’t have a magnetic field.

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