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Metaphoric associative cards are the best tool for working with the subconscious

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Best psychological test
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Female energy
Projective techniques

The application will be interesting both to people interested in working on themselves and those providing professional consultation services via the metaphorical cards. The proposed techniques are effective, both in individual work and work involving a coach, trainer or therapist. Metaphorical cards can be used as a psychological test of the current state or for understanding what you need to do to close your Gestalt.

In our application we offer you:
✔ 200 a deck of metaphoric associative cards;
✔ 28 effective techniques for working with the metaphoric maps (in the areas of: Interpersonal relationships, Love relationships, Children and parents, Femininity);
✔ a detailed description of each technique to work with clients;
✔ ability to save session.

Metaphorical associative cards - the most powerful tool for working with the subconscious mind. It is a visible metaphor of your values, fears, and desires. It is a tool of a professional psychologist, therapist and coach, used in the diagnosis, correction and development of abilities.

The cards show images with deep symbolic meaning, for it speaks directly to your subconscious, thanks to the information stored in that. Important non-conventional meanings of images, and those associations that she creates from you. Everyone will feel something different. The card will rise out of our subconscious, unconscious impressions.

Use them when you have any concerns or worries, but you find it hard to formulate and understand the reason for concern; when it is difficult to discuss a problem, because working with associative cards, we bypass the rational part of thinking.

Purpose of working with a MAC:
✔ bypass rational thinking;
✔ dialogue "internal – external";
✔ reconstruction of past events that have led to the emergence of phobias, neurosis, psychological trauma;
✔ clarify the actual experiences and needs;
✔ completion of the "unfinished" events that consume energy;
✔ modeling the time line from past to future.

Tasks that can solve MAC:
✔ finding solutions and ways to attract the necessary resources;
✔ assessment or reassessment of the meaning of the basic tasks in life;
✔ activation of creative thinking;
✔ awareness of hidden emotions, internal and external resources;
✔ identify their own talents, needs, aspirations, subliminal installations;
✔ transformation of beliefs towards goals and desires.

On cards, for reference:
We've broken down our Metaphorical deck of cards: Xeen"(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xeen_software.macfull) almost 100 cards and remove those cards that we feel are ineffective.

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