Explore bison & burrito world! Crafting games in Mexico with taco & lucha libre!


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Mexico Craft: Bison & Burrito World Crafting Games GAME

Hey gringo! Are you going to Mexico? Then join me, as I’m travelling on an exploration adventure to the heart of bison & burrito world! Come on, you’ve never played a crafting & building games like this before!

Exploration of the blocky world of Mexico!
Craft your way through to the blocky land of heart & bison. Discover the ancient Maya temple or have some fun in one of the biggest city in the world! Visit famous Mexican fast food restaurants, where you can eat delicious mexican food like taco and burrito or even… make tacos yourself! Take part in Day of the Dead festivities - a feast like no other! In Mexico Craft you can do it all!

Crafting & building games - edition Mexicana!
Exploration of Mexico is fun, but building new things in Mexico is even more fun! Launch Crafting & Building mode to mine resources and craft from blocks whatever you want. Be creative! Build your own fast food restautant and serve a taco diner! Hire el mariachi to play a real mariachi music! You can use the Crafting & Building mode to build a lucha libre fight club and watch how Mexican wrestlers punch! The bison & burrito world awaits for a new city builder - would you answer the call?

Lucha libre - Mexican wrestling in a blocky Mexico
Crafting & exploration aren’t the only features of Mexico Craft. Although you can watch real lucha libre fights, the real treat is play the fighting games yourself! Jump right into our new lucha libre minigame and try to survive in a punch quest against such wrestlers like T-Rex, Don Ramon, El Mariachi and twin Burrito Boys! Not every gringo can be crowned a punch hero of lucha libre fights, but in Mexico Craft the world of bison & burrito is full of surprises!

🌵 Exploration of blocky world of Mexico!
🌵 Craft your way through Mexican city or ancient ruins!
🌵 Crafting & building mode for fans of building their own Mexico!
🌵 Build a lucha libre punch club and fighting against Mexican wrestlers!
🌵 Take part in the Day of the Dead festivities and enjoy meals like Mexican taco and burrito!

How many Mexico games would you play with so many things? Literally none! So hit the DOWNLOAD button and get Mexico Craft now FOR FREE - one of the best exploration adventure world crafting games of 2018!
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