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MiBeer. Maybe it's your kind of beer too!

Version1.0.39 (39)
UpdatedMay 01, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperRich Kid Software
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Unfortunately due to a mini stroke in December 2017 the flow of beer to this app / website has slowed. Please stay with me, I'll certainly be adding new beers but just not with the same regularity as I did before. My thirst for beer won't be quenched!

What can I say? I love beer! Since about November 2009 I've been trying beers from around the world. I've tried over 2,800 different beers and cataloged them on my website.

MiBeer is my first Android application to be released in the app store. It's a personal project and I'm releasing it for free in the hope that somebody out there will find it useful.

When you scan a beer bottle's 1D or 2D bar code, and it's a beer that I've tried, the app will take you to that beer on my website. If there is more than one beer with that bar code, it will show you a list of possible matches. If I haven't tried the beer, it won't be found.Yet. But you are welcome to recommend the beer if you think it's a good one.

If you are in Australia, it's highly likely that I've tried the beer and that the bar code will be found, in which case you'll be taken to information about the beer (who brewed it, where, alcohol content etc) and an honest comment or two about it (which is just my opinion, but remember, it IS just an opinion).

If you are overseas, well, the beer may well be found too, but remember I've only tried a small drop in the ocean of beer. And you can now recommend the beer.

One or more new beers are usually added daily and you will receive a notification of these as they are posted. A picture of the beer bottle and the beer in a glass is also shown in the notification (Jelly Bean onwards I think). You can swipe away the notification if you aren't interested in that particular beer, vote for the beer (with the button below the images) if you've had the beer before, or click it to read more about it and a few, brief comments from myself (I don't write pages of waffle about each beer!). Note you must open the app after installation to register for these notifications.

Email: richkidsoftware@gmail.com

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