Microcraft.: Crafting And Exploration APK

Microcraft.: Crafting And Exploration

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedMay 05, 2019 (1 year ago)
CategoryGames, Adventure

Are you interested? Then download and enjoy unlimited possibilities! Build your house and your town, plant trees and plants, hunt and tame animals, develop and defend yourself from enemies. And that's not all yet!
Play a new, exciting game with pixel graphics, 3D blocks and an infinite world!
In the game you will find all the necessary materials for construction and crafts. You can build houses, big cities,
villages, parks, gardens, bridges, dams, ships, airplanes and much more. If you are hungry, you can hunt animals.
Build your house and save your finds. Adventure seekers will have unforgettable stories and new finds !!!


* two modes: "CREATIVE" and "SURVIVAL";
* new graphics;
* much more blocks;
* various plants and cute animals;
* scary monsters and strong zombies;
* skeletons and giant spiders;
* cows, pigs, sheep and other peaceful mobs;
* change the time of day (day, night);
* You can disable the monsters;
* You can play with friends;
* Avia mode;
* infinite peace;
* sunset and sunrise;
* moon and stars;
* eggs of mobs, lighter;
* lava, water;
* sound adjustment;
* adjustment of control buttons;
* improve graphics;
* better management.

Email: sazerty736@gmail.com

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