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Get to know yourself by diving deeply into your passions, feelings, and life goals.
Mind Journal is the perfect mindfulness app for beginners as well as advanced users! Guided meditation sessions, reflection prompts & a beautiful mood tracker will help you to lower stress, reduce anxiety, sleep better, be mindful & happy.

Mental health is a highly complex machine and sometimes it falls into depression. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) journal comes to help through dozens of effective techniques:
- Mindfulness journaling lets you unwind at the end of the day
- Guided reflection improves mindfulness and teach gratitude
- Mood tracker diary allows keeping track of mood dynamics
- Self-care diary serves for learning new ways of thinking and overcoming depression
- Journal itself makes bipolar smoother

What if you could type several sentences in your journal and get anxiety relief immediately? This is how CBT guided diary works.

Mood tracker diary is here to find out the prerequisites for depression:
- what time of the day causes a bad mood
- particular activities responsible for negative thoughts
- ineffective behavior

Mental health apps are often hired for fast check-in as if it had been helpful in the therapy. Mind journal app, on the other hand, provides instruments for deep personal transformations as well as anxiety relief.

A guided journal notebook releases a huge amount of positive energy which is hidden by mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Self-care journaling with Mind Journal consists of these components:

- Relax and reflect in the diary
- 3 to 10 logs with the mood tracker to obtain the whole mental health picture and identify bipolar
- Development of happiness by following anxiety relief journal prompts
- Listening of meditation and affirmation for good sleep

Mental health wellbeing requires a daily impact on it. The more your work on reflection habits the more powerful the brain muscles get and the more output you receive in the direction of anxiety relief.

Destructive factors affect our mind permanently causing bipolar depression or anxiety. An excessive amount of information, lack of self-care culture - all these things influence negatively mental health. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) journal is used to bring up positive relations to the outer world by strengthening up the inner.

Benefits of mental health self-care with Mind Journal notebook:
- gratitude uplift at work
- anxiety relief appears really fast thanks to proven psychotherapy methods
- developing an anxiety relief mindset via following self-care programs

Get to know yourself by following mental health self-care reflection prompts.

Give CBT diary a try in the prevention of depression and getting fundamentally happier.

Mind Journal - mental health thoughts journal provides personalized scenarios for guided reflection on actual areas such as bipolar, depression, gratitude.

What's New

We added meditations & new reflection content, fixed a few bugs & added new translation.
Mind Journal team wishes you a very happy new year!

Email: bazimogmbh@gmail.com

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