Mindlines 2 APK

Train your mind and exercise your spatial, geometric and optical skills

Version1.0e (5)
UpdatedJan 13, 2020 (1 year ago)
DeveloperMiquel Abadal
CategoryGames, Puzzle

MINDLINES is a very simple to play alone, very addictive and, above all, highly recommended for exercise space, geometric capabilities, optics and mathematics in our brain.


- To play, all you need to do is click on the "New Game" option and will appear the game board. In it, we see a grid of points, some of which are marked in red.

- The goal is to draw lines, considering that only the lines that "support" on four or more red points are valid.

- To add a line, you must click on the starting point and holding the screen, move your finger, and rotate the line until it is directed to the desired angle. If the position is correct, the line will be displayed in red. Finally, if the drawn line is desired, simply raise your finger and the line is fijada.al board.

- In fixed line, the grid points through which it passes, they become red and serving as "support" for other lines.

- When we left a cell bounded by four lines, the square is closed and displayed with a different color; And if we complete the cross-cell lines, this will take a reddish color.

- The number of lines is even possible to place are shown on the top right of the screen; It is not easy to finish a game, as this is only complete when it is not possible to place any line on the board.


- For each added line are obtained 5 or 10 points depending on whether you use five or four support points respectively.

- For each cell 10 points and closed for each closed cell cross and get another 10 points are obtained.

- The goal, then, is to try to reach as many points as possible.


- To facilitate the game, regardless of the type of device used, the ability to zoom in / out the board offer and move left / right and up / down with the controls shown in the upper right corner


After the game, if you have passed your best score, you are be sent to our servers to check on the table best brands. This table shows only the top 20 players in the world ... do you think you can be one of them?

Email: qcervol@gmail.com

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