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NameMindWiz APK
Version6.2.0 (137)
UpdatedAug 09, 2021
DeveloperUBwin Inc.
CategoryApps, Health & Fitness

MindWiz - Sleep, Focus, Lullaby, ASMR app

*Patented Sleep Inducement Program *Clinical Trial Effectiveness Proven

▷ Patented Mental Health Application

What is MindWiz?

‘MindWiz’ forms optimized psychological condition for users through proven scientific technique.
It is a brand new mind training program which aims to provide potential development and maximization of physical and mental stability through applying BrainBeats, Color Noise, classic music, Nature Sound, and Healing Images.

Its effect was validated through diverse clinical trials in and overseas the native country.

▷ 15 types of specialized programs
Sleep Inducement / Focus / Deep Short Sleep / Fresh Morning / Condition / Stress Relief / Confidence / Refreshing / Stay Awake / Energy Recharge / Depression Relief / Relax in Peace / Memory / Creativity / Anxiety Care


BrainBeats is a harmonic brainwave program inducing specific brainwave through beats or sounds produced by artificial frequencies. It aims users to absorb frequencies lower than 20Hz, which people are not able to catch normally, by a specialized mechanism that combines various frequencies.

The essential purpose of BrainBeats is to induce one’s brainwave to a specific frequency for a better mental state, and here is a difference between BrainBeats and Binaural Beats, which was commonly used in the past. Binaural Beats also manipulates one’s brainwave as same as BrainBeats, but it differs from it in method.

In contrast to Binaural Beats, which involve both two ears with a headset to be effective, BrainBeats can afford only an ear or even a speaker in convenience.

Mental Care Mode : Adoption of Modified Frequency for Optimization

It is a function for manipulating a state of brainwave in flexible modification of frequencies in order to let users obtain optimum condition through 15 types of Metal Care Mode of BrainBeats.

[Functional Music]

Functional Music is a group of brand new sound sources proper for each of 15 types of categories in MindWiz.
Functional Music is consisted of regularly repeating beats and helps users to increase concentration by producing Dopamine and Serotonin through inducement of Alpha and Theta wave, and to maintain psychological stability.

[Nature Sounds]

As humans are inherently familiar with nature, listening sounds of nature aims for a person to restore biorhythm and to amplify his/her energy. In psychological field, Nature Sounds, including of ocean waves, water flowing, and birds humming, are used for diverse aspects of psychological therapy, mostly for ‘concentration enhancement’ and ‘stress relief’. (sounds of rain, birds, ocean wave, water flowing, thunder, etc.)

[Colors Noise]

Anyone would have heard about white noise at least once in one’s life.
White noise is mostly known as just a single combination of specific frequencies which aims to block unnecessary noises for sound sleep or concentration increase. In fact, this concept doesn’t fall only under white noise. Depending on each frequency, a noise has its own color and white noise is merely one of color noises.

[21 types of Self Diagnosis Facility Support]

With this facility, users are available to self-diagnose through 21 types of survey to investigate their own life pattern.

[MindWiz Recommends to Those Who:]

· cannot fall sound sleep due to stress
· cannot study effectively comparing to the time spent
· are anxious mentally due to upcoming exam date
· are in decrease of concentration due to stress from academic activity
· cannot handle themselves to be calm due to low concentration
· stammer and hurry in their characteristic
· are extremely shy or lack confidence to speak in front of audience

[Guidance about Authorization of App]

- Memory Space : It is essential authority for saving information regarding sound sources with data and playing the music. (Mandatory)
- Functional Currency : It is essential authority for pausing the sound source and taking an incoming call. (Mandatory)

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