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NameHippo Minigames APK
Version1.4.5 (45)
UpdatedSep 14, 2021
DeveloperHippo Kids Games
CategoryGames, Educational

Mini-games for kids Game

Educational and learning mini games for kids. Many games in one app

🎲 This is a new game for kids and their parents, where a player can find a lot of educational mini games for toddlers. You can play this app instead of a full set of games. Kids will be excited, because the games of the same style are boring. And colorful and bright Hippo adventures will make boys and girls happy.

🦸‍♀️ Our set of free educational games includes well known tasks for kids, such as classical puzzles. You can try any game, they all are absolutely for free!

❓ Collect coins for level completing and open new tasks. The better you play, the more puzzles you can open. Don’t forget about hints and tap a question mark to make it easier for a kid of any age to finish tasks.

Little players should complete next tasks:

⭐ Connect dots. Connect stars in a correct order to see your favorite character.

⚗️ Mix colors. To get the paint of a particular color, connect two different colors. A kid can learn colors and how to create them. If you like painting, you need to be able to create exact colors.

🎨 Painting with hints. It has become even easier and funnier to color animals. There are a lot of paints for you to choose.

💠 Mosaic. Learn the placement of different colors and create beautiful pictures. Don’t forget to use hints.

🍒 Hidden pairs. It is an interesting task to train your logic and memory. Learn and find the pairs of the same pictures and complete more difficult levels.

🔶 Associations. Interesting puzzles, where you need to connect pictures by color, form or pattern. Kids will educate themselves in and easy form.

🧩 3-D puzzles. Turn cubes in different angles and collect bright puzzles, pictures with animals with different types of difficulty.

🎹 Musical Puzzles. Listen to the melody and collect a musical puzzle from different pieces. You’ll be like a little kids composer.

And even more! Play with us and open new puzzles!

📲 Our educational game for kids will help your child to develop attention, dexterity and memory in a playing form. These funny and kind games are suitable for any age! Preschoolers and older children will definitely like them. Try a magical world of adventured with our free game for toddlers!

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