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Designing a home office is easy for some people, while others find the process daunting. Whether you want to set up a new home office or redesign an existing office, there are several ways to select the right furniture, provide enough storage space and create a home office design that meets your needs and work style.

Setting up a home office doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming. By planning ahead, selecting the ideal space and finding the right furniture, you can make the process easier.

Invest in functional office furniture that fits the décor of your home. Whether you want a simple writing desk with a lap drawer for supplies, or a large desk with drawers for supplies and files, determine whether the piece is functional, and whether it matches your décor. When purchasing home office furniture, look for an ergonomically correct desk and chair as well as a bookcase to store reference and business books.

If you have limited home office space, or you need to the end of the day, a computer cabinet or a computer armoire with enough space to house your office equipment is ideal. Plan ahead by measuring your space before you buy any new office furniture, making sure it will fit through a doorway or stairway.

type of desk arrangement works best for you

Choosing a desk arrangement that best suits you is an important part of the home office design process. Decide which of the five basic desk furniture arrangements for your home office is best for you: L-shape, Parallel, U-shape, corner, or reverse corner arrangement. The L-shaped work area allows you to store equipment off your desk and move it onto a secondary surface; the U-shaped work area makes it simple to keep everything within reach on three surfaces; the parallel layout positions your desk facing into the room with your secondary surface behind you; the corner arrangement and reverse corner arrangement include a desk with returns on each side. The desk faces into the corner or out into the room.

File storage can be beautiful

Save space within your home office by using multifunction or "all in one" equipment that faxes, prints, copies and scans documents in color. The smaller footprint (and often low price) of these machines makes them ideal for most space-challenged home offices.

Design your home office to reflect your taste, interests and style. If your office isn't carpeted, add an area rug to reduce echo. For privacy and to minimize the effects of direct sunlight, add window treatments. Don't forget to provide enough light for your desk and overall office.

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