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Version0.2 (2)
UpdatedJan 09, 2020 (7 months ago)
DeveloperArleano Games
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Mipi maze: Labyrinth Puzzle 3D is a puzzle game in which you need to escape from a complex maze.
Under your command is given the mouse Mipi which must be led through the dangerous corridors of ancient Egypt. The labyrinth contains dangerous traps, secret enemies and treasures. Try to make informed decisions, otherwise the mouse will fall into a death trap. Many years ago, the god Anubis ordered the Egyptians to build the most complex labyrinth in the world, so that anyone who dares to go through it meets death. Many argue that there lives a Minotaur that punishes lost travelers.

You have to explore the ancient labyrinth and unravel the mysteries of the Egyptians. Choose the right path and go around deadly mousetraps. Well, if you still managed to get into a trap, you can always use cheese to restore strength.

Five reasons why this mouse game should be on your phone.
1. The opportunity to plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of ancient Egypt, filled with secrets and complex riddles.
2. Fascinating and interesting game play that will not let you get bored and will encourage you to new discoveries.
3. A huge number of stages filled with complex puzzles and mouse traps.
4. Nice design and excellent music.
5. The new mouse game of 2020, which deserves your attention.

Do you like stories about ancient Egypt? Are you afraid of Mummies? Do you like puzzles?
Then this mouse game is perfect for you!

Email: arleanoinfo@gmail.com

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