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Latest Version

NameMiqat APK
Version7.12.60638 (30)
UpdatedDec 07, 2021
DeveloperSamer Joudi
CategoryApps, Tools

Miqat App

The ultimate app for prayer times, Qibla, and hilal visibility

Miqat: Prayer Times, Qiblah, and Hilal Visibility
★ Welcome to Miqat: the ultimate app for prayer times, Qibla, and hilal visibility.
★ Miqat focuses on high accuracy calculations, ease of use, and offers innovative features that are still not available in other applications.

Prayer Times
★ Miqat uses high-accuracy formulae to calculate prayer times in millisecond accuracy.
★ Advanced Calculations feature uses atmospheric pressure, temperature, and device height above the sea level to calculate prayer times and hilal visibility in a higher level of accuracy for users living in skyscrapers and mountains.
★ Miqat offers multiple methods for calculating the prayer times of which signs are missing in the countries near the north and south poles.

★ Miqat uses high-accuracy formulae to determine Qibla based on the true shape of Earth.
★ Qibla Map displays Qibla on an interactive map so that user visually verify Qibla direction relative to nearby buildings and streets.
★ 3D Qibla provides a view of the Qibla in a real-world environment using augmented reality as well as walking through inside Grand Mosque using 360 panorama. User can also determine Qibla relative to the Sun, the Moon, stars and planets.
★ Miqat immediately notifies user if abnormal magnetic fields are detected, because mobile compass is not reliable and can be easily influenced by nearby metal objects and magnetic fields, often leading to inaccurate direction to Qiblah.

Hilal Visibility
★ Miqat calculate the first visibility of the hilal (crescent moon) from user’s location to determine the exact start and end of Hijri months such as Ramadan, and special events, such as Eids.
★ User can simulate the first moment of the visibility of the hilal in an interactive visual way.
★ Miqat displays the Moon in real time, along with the Moon’s age, illumination, and phases.

APK: Микат, Miqat, Mikat, ميقات

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