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Switch your PC off, control computer volume, start custom programs remotely


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Mar 9, 2020
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Mobi PC Remote Control App

Its Time To Switch Off!

Mobi PC is a set of apps coupled with a desktop server that can be run on your PC or laptop. The remote control apps are available on Android and Windows Phone allow a remote connection to the Mobi PC server via TCP (over the internet / wifi) and allow you to control essential functions on your PC such as turning PC on/off, adjusting the volume and controlling your web browser.

Do you want to go to sleep listening to your favourite music but want the PC to switch off automatically after few hours?
Do you want to make sure your kids are not viewing inappropriate content when you are out the house?
Are you viewing a movie, sat away from the laptop / PC and need to mute the volume to take a phone call?
Will you be going outside while your PC is downloading a big file or rendering something and want to be able to switch it off from outside?

Then Mobi PC is the solution for you!

Mobi PC Series:
Android Apps
Windows Phone Apps
Windows Desktop Client
Windows Desktop Server

Basic Usage:
Install the App to your mobile phone. Install the desktop server on your PC / Laptop. Create a new profile on the server. If you have a licence key enter it now to unlock all features. Login with the same credentials on both devices. Give access to Mobi PC through any firewalls or connection blocking services/software. Connect the client to the server. You can now remotely control your PC.

Desktop Server Free Download:
Mobi PC will not work unless you have installed and setup the desktop server component on your PC. You can download it for free using the link below. You will also find detailed setup instructions and a demonstration video:

Free version limitations:
The free version will only allow you to power down the computer and mute volume. To use all features including custom actions you either have to buy the Pro version apps or purchase a licence key for the server. If you buy the Pro version app it will generate a licence key for you which you must enter into the server when registering or updating your account.

Pro version features:
Turn your PC off while you are away from it
Turn your PC off when outside anywhere in the world!
Control PC Master volume
Remotely deploy any preset program on your PC
Automatically power down the PC while youre sleeping
Control your PC from anywhere in the world!
Monitor what kids or other users are doing on your PC via desktop screenshot
Controls for web browsers
Replace a broken mouse
Use as a wireless mouse & keyboard
Send a Message or Speech to anyone using your PC when youre outside
Copy clipboard text/url from PC to mobile or vice versa
Automatically run and host the server when Windows starts
Cast images from phone to a PC/laptop (Android only)
Cast images from PC to Mobile app.
Disable all ads

Login required on both server and client
IP and port must be known by app user before connection
Optional PIN can be set on server. This is only stored on your computer. App user must enter PIN to use features.

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