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Mobile Fence Parental Control - Screen Time APK

Help your kids enjoy their mobile device safely!

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UpdatedMar 26, 2021 (1 month ago)
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Mobile Fence Parental Control protects children from accessing harmful contents (websites, apps, videos) through smart devices and limits usage time to prevent smartphone addiction.
Also, parents can monitor their children’s location in real time and is notified when their children enters or leaves safety zone set by the parents.

"Help your children enjoy their mobile device safely!"
Child Protection Software.

Main Functions
App Blocking - Protect your child against harmful apps. Parents can control and block unwanted apps(adult, dating, pornography, games, SNS..) or set time limits.
WebSite Blocking (Safe Browsing) - Protect your child from unsuitable web content. Parents can block access to harmful contents or inappropriate sites, such as adult/nude/pornography websites, and monitor list of websites they visited.
Game Play Time - Protect your children from game addiction. Parent can set how long your child can play games in a day.
Planning Device Time - Protect your children from smartphone addiction. Plan a specific time limit for each day of the week to prevent your kids from late-night games, web browsing, SNS.
Geo Fencing - Parents can track location of their kids in case of kidnapping and receive notification when a child enters or leaves the safety zone set by the parents.
Monitor all activities - Parents can view their child’s entire online activities, such as device usage time, frequently launched apps, app usage time, visited website, calls & SMS
Call Block - Block unwanted calls, set a list of allowed callers
Keyword Alerts - When a child receives a text including a key words parents have set, it notifies parents immediately so that parents can actively respond to violence and bullying at school.
Block while walking (Prevent Smart Phone Zombie)

How to use
: Before installing Mobile Fence Parental Control on your child’s device, try the functions on your device first.
1) Install Mobile Fence on parent’s smart device
2) Create account and login
3) Link the smart device to Mobile Fence
4) Installation complete
5) Launch Mobile Fence Parental Control app and set family rules.
( Or, login to from PC and set family rules)

How to install and link Mobile Fence Parental Control to child’s device
1) Install Mobile Fence to child’s device
2) Login with parent’s account
3) Link Mobile Fence with child’s device

• Blocking Service - Block apps, Block website(Safe Browsing), Location tracking, game time limiting, harmful content block(Child Protection), Call Block
• Monitoring Service - Launched app, Visited Website, Blocked website, Usage time report, Frequently used app report
• Call/Text Service - Call block, Text message monitoring, Keyword Alert, Adult/International call block
• Location Tracking - Child location tracking, Lost device tracking, Remote factory reset, Remote device control, Geo Fencing, Geo Watching
• Transparency - Share what parents are monitoring and limiting with the child.

If you install MobileFence Parental for the first time, The premium 30 days of free trial will begin and you can control or limit your child's amount of usage. If you buy premium use after the free trial period is over, you are able to keep using MobileFence Parental Control.

Child’s safe mobile use is very important issue for every parents because parents cannot always be with their child. Now, use Mobile Fence Parent Control to block harmful website,apps and control child’s device time to create safe, healthy, and productive mobile environment.

# This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
# This app uses Accessibility services.

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