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The Mobile Gnuplot Viewer Quick is a touch device optimized frontend for Gnuplot

Version2.0.5 (205)
UpdatedJun 27, 2020 (7 months ago)
DeveloperMichael Neuroth
CategoryApps, Education

The Mobile Gnuplot Viewer Quick is a frontend for the Gnuplot program optimized for touch devices. Gnuplot is a scientific plot program. With the Mobile Gnuplot Viewer the user can edit gnuplot scripts to generate 1d and 2d plots, execute the scripts, view and export the output of the Gnuplot program.

The app brings a binary executable of the gnuplot program with it, which is used to generate a SVG output of the gnuplot script. Current version of gnuplot is 5.2.8.

The purpose of Gnuplot is: show mathematical functions, fit theoretical functions to experimental data and calculate expressions. See Gnuplot homepage (http://www.gnuplot.info/) for more information about the Gnuplot program.
Gnuplot scripts can be created with this app and the SVG output will be shown as a plot in the app (see screenshots).

The app has four main pages:
- edit page: create, modify, save and load gnuplot scripts to generate a plot
- help page: enter help commands about gnuplot commands, help will be showed in the output page after pushing show button
- output page: show errors of script execution, help command output or fit results
- plot/graphics page: show the graphical output of the gnuplot script after pushing the run button
and some additional pages:
- file selection page: for loading, saving and erasing script files
- about page: show information about the application

Features of the free mobile gnuplot viewer are:
- create, modify, save, load and delete gnuplot scripts (text files) in an input page
- execute the gnuplot script and show the output as SVG graphic in an output page
- allow execution of help commands and show output in a text output page
- syntax highlighting for gnuplot script input
- copy/paste via application internal clipboard
- sharing text, text-files and images
- export of plot as bitmap files (supported formats: png)
- export of the text output window (to save output of fit to data)

There are some features which can be payed inside the application:
- usage of latest gnuplot beta version

The typical workflow for gnuplot running on a desktop operating system is different from the typical workflow on a mobile device.
Gnuplot uses a shell window to enter interactively text commands and an output window to show the grapical output simultaneously. On a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet computer this workflow is not suitable, because the user has only a small screen it is difficult to have more than one input/output area on the screen. To use the excelent gnuplot program on a mobile device I have written this app.
The typical workflow using this app is: enter a script to generate the gnuplot output in a text field on an input page and execute the script by pressing the run button.
The gnuplot output will than be shown in an other output page. The user can switch back and forward between the input and output page via buttons.

The app is carefully created and tested but the app should not be assumed as error free.
Use this app at your own risk.
The author of this app is not responsible for the behaviour of the gnuplot program.
See menuitem Gnuplot/Copyright for more informations about using gnuplot.

What's New

First official release of the MobileGnuplotViewerQuick application (version 2.0.5)

Email: michael.neuroth.de@googlemail.com

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