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Mar 9, 2021
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Mobile Nexus Nearby is a free service enabling you to receive promotional notifications from your favorite restaurant, shopping, or product/service businesses while you’re nearby and most likely convenient to act. Mobile Nexus Nearby is THE essential mobile utility as a pedestrian, public transportation user, bicyclist, or driver for ALL the local out-and-about and traveling to unfamiliar areas. One can optionally receive texts or emails as well if desired.

Everyone has their favorite businesses that they frequent whether you’re shopping, looking for a quick bite or great restaurant, or even searching for a product or service locally in town or in unfamiliar places while traveling. For example, you get that timely free appetizer notification offer when you’re near your favorite restaurant at lunchtime and not into your email box at 3 AM the night before. You don’t have to remember to carry around that newspaper or magazine advertisement, menu, product catalog, weekly sales flyer, coupons, direct mailing, or special event information when you have Mobile Nexus Nearby.

With the Mobile Nexus Nearby app you can:
• View the Nearby tab to give a quick view of the nearest of all businesses including the most common needs such as Restaurants, Bars, Coffee & Tea, Nightlife, Shopping, and new businesses.

• Search by business name or any of many hierarchal ordered business categories for nearest businesses.
• Manage all your favorited businesses in the Favorites tab which can change over time.

• Get your favorite business’s deals promo codes and special savings alerts for deals near you, instantly and timely on your smartphone with no need to print or clip coupons.
• Quickly and easily single finger swipe (just as on dating apps) to select many of your favorite businesses nearby in a few seconds when onboarding with the app or at any time.
• Manage notifications via the smartphone notification panel or Mobile Nexus Nearby tab with app in the foreground.

And there’s more:

• One-touch access to view favorite businesses on Google Maps and directions to them.
• One-touch link to the viewed business Yelp app view or webpage.

• One-touch to a call the business phone or view the website via browser.
• One-touch favorite a business by scanning the QR code on the Mobile Nexus Nearby business subscriber placard at the business.
• Share notifications deals with friends and family via Text, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Hangouts, and Email.
• Notifications can contain one-touch-hot-text to view business phone, website, Instagram, Facebook, videos, Twitter hashtags, menus, PDF sales flyers or catalogs, product/service/coupon images, mp4 videos, sound files, and email addresses.
• Quickly share a favorite business with a friend via business QR code scan.
• Notifications from your favorite businesses typically happen when you’re about 600 feet away.
• You can get Notifications-on-Demand when you’re a couple of thousand feet from the business which is convenient when quickly approaching at highway speeds or to better plan your day in the area.
• Nuisance notifications don’t happen because you only get notifications from your selected favorite businesses once until that notification message to you changes. Only new or briefly featured businesses nearby to you will introduce themselves to you otherwise over a limited time period.

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