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Mod golems for Minecraft APK

They are strong and heavily built mobs which goal is to defend you from evil

Version2.3.27 (27)
UpdatedMay 31, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperNuleomkum Jumtpeolat
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Golems are actual mobs in the PC version of Minecraft. But now they have gone and entered the game of Minecraft Pocket Edition as well, at least if you install the mod.

They are strong and heavily built mobs which primary goal is to defend you from evil creatures like zombies and other nasty beings. If you are attacked by a hostile mob then they will come to your protection and hunt down the attacker.

How do I spawn the golems?
There are two ways to spawn the golems. Either you can use the Not Enough Items mod to get the spawn eggs to your inventory or you can build the structures as seen further down to summon them.

Building the Structures

There are thirteen different types of golems and as a result thirteen different structures you can build to summon them. The types include: redstone, diamond, obsidian, TNT, iron, dirt, emerald, gold, lapis lazuli, stone, ice, sand and glass.

Summoning a Golem

The item you will need to spawn a golem is a Paper of Awakening. Tap on the pumpkin head of the golem structure with the item and the golem will appear in front of your eyes.

The mob is quite similar to wolves. They are friendly to you and will help you out attacking any type of mob which want you any harm.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes
Paper of Awakening (519) – 4 redstones + 4 glowstone dust + 1 paper
Redstone Golem (egg) (520)
Diamond Golem (521)
Obsidian Golem (522)
TNT Golem (523)
Iron Golem (524)
Dirt Golem (525)
Emerald Golem (526)
Gold Golem (527)
Lapis Golem (528)
Stone Golem (529)
Ice Golem (530)
Sand Golem (531)
Glass Golem (532)

The Golems Mod is a fun addition to the game which lets you arrange mob battles. It’s really easy to use. Just select the mobs you want to fight and they will soon get started. Now you and your friends can host your own gladiator battles and make bets which mobs will win. Pretty fun, right?

How does it work?
Begin by spawning two mobs which will defend themselves when being attacked. Such ones include hostile mobs and iron golems.

Then long-tap each mob using the Battle Mob Selector item to select the battle champions. The item can be found in your creative inventory. You will hear a short pling sound when selecting each and when both are selected a long pling sound will be heard. As soon two mobs are selected they will start fighting each other. In this case the iron golem on the right appears to have been the strongest and most skilled fighter.

About this mods collection:
-Installation became way more easier!
-These maps support all the Minecraft versions, as 0.15.9,0.15.0,0.16.0 + and other.
-All of our mods and addons are absolutely free
-One click to install mods and addons

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