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Jun 2, 2020
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Modern architecture, created the original architecture of the 19th century opposed to the pro Eklektisist is the general name for all the architectural movements. Eclecticism format as opposed to the attitude that diverts the past, with all the modern trends in the architectural style of the era of the opinion that work hard and are composed by current conditions.
Modern architecture is a product of western civilization. On the end of the eighth century, it began to take shape with the modern era, revealing the democratic revolution and the industrial revolution. All periods of modern architecture such as the architecture, to create a special environment for human life, human thoughts and actions, is that the belief that has attempted to visualize or not as they wish. The famous architect Otto Wagner, in 1986, a title given to books published, then his father's name was an expression can use all the art science.

Began to emerge in the late 18th century iron bridges are considered the first authentic example of modern architecture. Building olaraksa to 1851 Paxton's Crystal Palace in London until the exhibition is not possible to show an uncompromising example. This exhibition exhibition covers an area of approximately 70 thousand square meters, standardized components factory is the first major example of the iron fused glass case. Indeed, in such a huge building for 16 weeks, then to miraculous, today was constructed and could be completed in a period that can be considered surprising. Crystal Palace with various features and attributes, is not wrong to evaluate it as one of the initiators and the ageless example of modern architecture.
This day has reached the pinnacle of modern architecture, has benefited from all the possibilities of technology.
If you wish to obtain visual information about modern architecture, take a look at our modern architecture of the application. Our modern architecture application, at which point the contemporary architecture, you'll find examples of great design and stylish ideas. Download our app now modern architecture and enjoy.
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