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Adventure game where you can enjoy Japanese fairy tales like gag Manga! It is!

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UpdatedMay 21, 2017 (3 years ago)
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An old man and a grandma came to a place.
The old man went to the mountain and the old woman went to the river.
A dolphin, dangling, big peach came down there.
That grandmother brought it home.
When the old man caught it, a cute baby came out of it.
They named the child Momotaro and raised it carefully as a child of himself.
And when Momotaro became a youth, I thought about getting a bride soon, but the town girls
Town daughter 'Bad, but ... People born from peaches are a little ... something like a peach smell.'
Momotaro "What's up !?"
What is it? Momotaro who was born from peach was badly sick from the surrounding people, she could not even get a girlfriend.
Grandma "You can not marry Momotaro as it is ..."
Old man "Maybe they will reconsider Momotaro if they exterminate demons, if they come home with the treasures that demons possess at the same time?"
Oka: "Is not Ogigashima dangerous, can we get to Momotaro safely?"
Momotaro "As a requesting grandma! If she can not live without her being able to live by herself all the time ... Even if she puts her life she reaches Ogagoshima and exterminates demons and brings money! So please prepare for the trip!"
Oka: Yeah yeah, Momotaro ... But when it comes to food that can be eaten by being sunny, there are only about dumpling dumplings? "
Momotaro "Thank you!"
Okama: "If you are hiding it in the house, try searching for it."
Momotaro "Why are such troublesome things!"
Grandma "If I can not do that, I'm worried about letting you go to Onigashima."
In the case of
"Momotaro has no bride" is an adventure game where you can enjoy simple puzzles. There is also a small escape game wind element to get caught in a prison of demons and escape from there.

Recommended for people like this.
People who like simple esoteric puzzles, escape games
People who love loose games
People who like happy endings
People who like demons

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