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GamesMonitors II. Time Of Steam. APK
DeveloperMikhail Vorobyev
Version2.0 (7)
UpdatedMar 07, 2020 (4 weeks ago)
Release dateApr 12, 2019 (12 months ago)

Simulator ship battleship.

The second part of the game about armored ships of the last century. As in the first part, you control the ship monitor. You need to capture the forts, engage in battles with enemy ships, explore the wreckage of shipwrecks. For your support in combat, allied ships can participate. Usually they appear next to you.
Free combat mode is available (Battle Generator), where you can choose the number of enemy ships and allies, as well as participation in the battle of the first submarines. In the full version of the game in Battle Generator mode, you do not need to spend play money.
The more damaged any part of your monitor, the worse it works. And you find out pretty quickly. The ship will become harder, less manageable and will reduce the course. During the battle, the holes are automatically sealed, but if there are too many hits, the water will not have time to pump out and the ship will sink.
The speed of repairing the monitor depends on the skill of the boatswain. In the full version of the game is available to manage up to four different ships of monitors. The map and the new ships will open as the forts are captured. Powerful monitors have stronger weapons and a higher margin of safety. You will be able to choose which ship you will manage in combat in any of your ports.

Have a nice game.

Monitors II. Time Of Steam. APK