Play Monopoly in fast and intense real time matches, win to collect properties.


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Sep 30, 2019
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Monopoly GO GAME

Monopoly GO! has the properties and characters from the classic Monopoly board game but reimagined with a new fast-paced real-time multiplayer gameplay. Collect from Go, build on Boardwalk, send your opponent to Jail, ride on a Railroad -- this is Monopoly like you’ve never seen before!

Build houses and hotels on properties and collect rent from your opponent as they pass by your properties. Collect and upgrade action cards to make them more effective and then form them into a deck. During battle, draw and play action cards from your deck to move your token around or place objects on the board to disrupt your opponent. Win by having the most Money by the end of the game or by bankrupting your opponent!

● Battle players from all over the world in real-time PvP
● Earn chests to unlock new action cards and earn money to upgrade existing ones
● Collect and upgrade action cards, like Railroad, Jump, Sprint, Balloon, Police Car, and many more
● Create or join a Club to share cards and earn more Money while making new friends in the game
● Choose your token from classic Monopoly favorites, like Top Hat, Scottish Terrier and Race Car
● Join and participate in individual and club events to earn unique exclusive rewards
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