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Aug 22, 2022
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Monster Pet Hunt: Legends GAME

Your adventurous life starts with catching and training your own monster pets! Build your team of powerful monsters to take on other trainers for fun and exciting battles across the globe. Encounter a variety of challenges on the way: catch fish, dig up treasure and battle wild monsters in the wild! Learn to tame and raise them from little critters into the deadliest of warriors. Test their skills against other pets in pet battles! Every pet has unique attributes that give it advantages or disadvantages against others. Experiment with different monster combinations to see what works best, then use your keen strategy skills to find success in every battle.
In the mythical world of pet monsters, you must choose your tools wisely. Battle between trainer pets and make them stronger so they can become more advanced and stronger. Battle with the best possible combination of pet monsters to defeat your enemies! Fight for the glory of your friends and own honor in multiple PvP modes using the combat abilities of your selected team of pets. Explore lush forests, volcanic regions, dry deserts and beautiful lakes – each environment presents its own challenges to overcome! Raise your pet monsters from egg to majestic adult forms. Evolve them into even more powerful versions by merging with other eggs into bigger, better monsters!
You are a future pet battling trainer, and it's time to go on the journey of a lifetime! Explore many beautiful environments, including deserts, forests and lakes. Battle and capture hundreds of different monsters to become the best in the world!
-Catch, train, merge and evolve pet monsters in a battle to be the very best
-Catch them all as you explore through forests, lakes, seas and deserts
-Explore the wonderful world of pet monsters
-Catch and train them, whether in the wild or from your enemies!
-Mix and match monsters of many elements and attributes
-Each pet has unique attributes that counteract other types
-Catch and train them in beautiful 3D
-Explore the wonderful world of pet monsters and catch and train them
-Every pet is unique and uses their own attributes to help you in your battles!
-Challenge other trainers at the Battle Coliseum!
Immerse yourself in massive monster mayhem that moves the masses into molds you into the master of majestic monster proportions! Download this exciting 3D monster RPG now!
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