Monster Truck: Offroad Mad Truck Race off APK

Monster Truck: Offroad Mad Truck off Drive monster truck beat extreme challenges

Version1.8 (8)
UpdatedOct 26, 2020 (1 month ago)
CategoryGames, Racing

Monster Truck: Offroad Mad Truck Race off Play this amazing offroad mad truck 4x4 game which will give you reasonable world gamming felling of greatest offroad mad monster truck experience, the best and on of its kind monster games we have used top most graphics and best ever competing and challenging missions with different extremely amazing and interesting vehicles of all kind in monster truck family also 8x8 offroad monster big wheel vehicles and different interesting heavy engines and big wheel jumping monster truck which will take you into the world offroad gaming experience, monster offroad mad truck game is amazing and has realistic braking system makes you feel like driving in real world. Monster vehicle and all offroad 4x4 and offroad 8x8 vehichles monster truck are added in this game so you can have best amazing realistic suspension system moreover choose the vehicle according to the mission and driving road. This project is for all offroad 4x4 driving monster truck lovers, enjoy driving on mud and slippery terrains. This simulator is available for all android users with minimum specification. Monster truck game has Realistic world gearbox which will make you think like playing in a real world we promise you will not forget this experience, drive monster truck across the city on the hilly slippery road and this monster offroad madness games checks your driving skills, mud runner vehicles are for offroad tracks during raining day. Use brakes carefully otherwise your offroad monster truck may turnover, this offroad game only offers monster truck and cars in monster truck family you can change your vehicle any time enjoy monster cars to drive on hilly and blocked tracks. Clime on the hill with best offroad 4x4 monster vehicles, drive on proper tracks and on trains with slippery muddy tyres but don’t use brakes on slippery tracks use gearbox to drop the speed just as you do in real world otherwise your truck or monster truck offroad madness or best 4x4 offroad vehicle will turn over.
Enjoy driving monster truck and other offroad monster free cars, this offroad monster games is only for daring and big hearted players. Who wants to drive their dream monster bug wheel car, on off road and on damage roads. This game tests your offroad driving skills. You will learn speed is not the only thing in driving, use customize option to change the suspension and tyre of your cars or trucks it will help the player to complete difficult levels.Off road monster trucks are the special cars with huge suspension this monster truck is for very extreme missions , use proper brakes and handling while driving offroad monster truck.Racing of offroad car and jeep is also available, earn enough points to customize best car, increase suspension and tyres according to the roads and weather situation,
rule your rivals in tremendous head-to-head fire-breathing MONSTER TRUCK races! One of its kind the newly build monster truck racing game only for those who loves big wheel this simulator game is finally here! Buckle up and jump behind the steering of extremely powerfull MONSTER TRUCKS, let the fire of engines burnt the oil so you can get to the top of every track, race the fastest 4x4 offroad monster vehicles and feast your eyes with the fast jump filled racing on the beautiful, hills & valleys packed around the globe!

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