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2.2.5 · Jun 16, 2021

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Version2.2.5 (7)
UpdatedJun 16, 2021
DeveloperCollege Union NSSCE
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Moo Mu Mu - College Magazine 2020 - NSSCE app

College Magazine - 2020 | College Union NSSCE

Moo Mu Mu: Moodikettiya vaayukal, Murivinte lokam, Muzhangunna mudravakyangal put across the three steps to freedom. The magazine redefines the complex idea of freedom and imparts that it can be achieved only when we accept complete responsibility for ourselves and the connection between what we do, who we become, and what we get. Moo Mu Mu silently reminds “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.

• Ormayile NSS: A look back at college life. NSSCE alumni share their memories about their college days.
• Ormakal: There are specific locations on our campus that just “connect” with us. “Ormakal” takes a stroll down the memory lane to those days when we were together in the campus.


Staff Editor:
Dr. Resmi G.

Student Editor:
Murali Krishnan A (CSE 2017-21)
Faisal Rahman P (CE 2017-21)

Sub Editors:
Sruthi K (M.Tech ECE 2019-21)
Agna Rani Shaji (CSE 2019-23)
Sneha (CSE 2018-22)

Cover Page and Lead Illustrator:
Sreelakshmi (CSE 2019-23)

Amal Raj (ME 2018-22)

Alen Peter (EEE 2017-21)
Navya Ram (CSE 2017-21)
Abitha (ICE 2019-23)

Design Support:
Anjana Shaji (CSE 2017-21)
Ananthu Palayatt (CSE 2016-20)
Abhinav A K (CSE 2017-21)

3D Modelling:
Mohamed Hazil T A (CSE 2017-21)
Alka Wilson (CSE 2017-21)
Mazen Maliyekkal (CSE 2017-21)

Akarsh Ashok (CSE 2017-21)
Denil C. Varghese (CSE 2017-21)

Literary Team:
Aswin Sankar (EEE 2017-21)
Bahija Tamannah (ECE 2019-23)
Neha S. G. (ICE 2019-23)
Diya Das (ICE 2019-23)
Nandana V (ECE 2018-21)
Anirudh P K (EEE 2016-20)


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