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📰 Read all the news that interests you in your own personal magazine 📰

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UpdatedJan 11, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperMood Edition
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MoodViewer brings you a new way to stay up to date with all your interests.

⏱️ Save time: no more tedious searching for the stories that matter. Get the lowdown with MoodViewer, your new personalised one-stop source of recommended personalised content.

📰 Imagine a fully customised personal magazine put together just for you, with great articles, videos and podcasts all based on your interests and the mood you’re in. Best of all MoodViewer is free, quick and easy to use for everyone.

⬇️ Just download the app, create an account (yes, did we mention it’s free?!) and your own intelligent magazine will be created automatically.

🔀 MoodViewer learns what you like and evolves as you use it. Your MoodViewer mag is as unique as you.

⏩ Your completely personalised magazine is put together from more than 2000 different sources from right across the internet, split into over 150 categories so you can be sure you’ll always find the stories that matter to you, constantly updated in real time so you won’t miss a beat.

The stuff I like…just for me!
🎵 🎥 👡⚽😺🎮🍷🍔🎓
Whether you’re into cooking, music, politics, fashion, movies or beauty, MoodViewer has something for you, with high quality articles, videos and podcasts from everyone from the big household names in news media to highly specialised niche blogs. Sports fan? Breaking news junky? Pet lover? We’ve got the latest news just for you.

Feeling Geeky? Fun? Sporty? Pick a Mood and check out your MoodZine with all the content to match! Then return to your personal mag at your leisure.

Go in depth and become an expert by finding out everything there is to know about a story that you’re interested in. Take advantage of multiple viewpoints to see the bigger picture and make up your own mind. Never get caught out by fake news again!

Set your own custom notifications to be the first to know about the latest developments to the stories that matter to you. Follow important breaking news effortlessly.

Spotted an interesting story on your personalised magazine that you'd like to read later? Save it in a flash to peruse at your leisure.

With built-in Facebook and Twitter integration, it’s easy to pass on viral stories of your choice directly from your MoodViewer.

😎 With MoodViewer you won’t miss out on the latest breaking news, current affairs, or major scoops from now on!

👨‍💻 We update MoodViewer regularly as our crack team of developers bring out new improvements all the time.

🔧 Some of our major updates bring you primary features that help you to get the best out of your personalised magazine. Others may be invisible to the naked eye but they remove bugs and glitches and are focused on delivering you a better user experience so keep auto-updates turned on for the best of MoodViewer.

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