Moose Arctic Survival: Elk Sim APK

Feel like a moose, who explores forest full of dangers!

Version1.0.0 (2)
UpdatedAug 08, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperWild Animals Life
CategoryGames, Simulation

Let’s know what is it like to be an elk exploring the forest, fighting predators and mating other elks with Moose Arctic Survival: Elk Simulator!

Do you like animal games? Try Moose Arctic Survival: Elk Simulator - great app for all animal simulator fans! Explore this wild forest as a mighty deer – moose - but don’t relax - it might be even more unpredictable than you can imagine! Survive as long as you can, fight with other deer or make them part of your herd! Mate with females and breed fawns!

Find your moose mate, lead them to your lair and create little fawns to continue your elk clan! Enlarge your kin to become the king of these northern plains and forests – maybe, you’re not a reindeer, but your endurance is high! Don’t forget to mind your bull’s health, food and energy indicators – if one of them drops, you may find yourself dying and your precious family defeated by cruel carnivorous forest monsters! Wolves, bears, even foxes – all these predators are waiting in the woods! Protect your little fawns, don’t let the beasts make the deadly strike! Enjoy the life of this majestic creature and have fun playing Moose Arctic Survival: Elk Simulator!

Earn experience and level up your deer! Buy power-ups and customize your deer as you want! Gather special tasty berries - bilberry or blueberry - to feed your family and yourself easily, fight with other European animals, enlarge your clan and become the most powerful elk of these places! Check different species of moose – not just ordinary bull moose, but also Yakutia Moose, Alaska Moose, Eurasian Elk – and choose the best one!
Do your best to survive on this cruel and wild world, full of dangers and predators ready to attack! Mate does and raise up fawns, gather your own herd and rule these lands with Moose Arctic Survival: Elk Simulator!

Moose Arctic Survival: Elk Simulator features:
Opportunity to make a herd of elks
Various animals as your rivals and direct enemies
Fantastic world to explore
Some ways to update your moose

Feel like a moose, who explores forest full of dangers, search for food to get meal and battles against predators! Enjoy Moose Arctic Survival: Elk Simulator right now!

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