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Morning Affirmations APK

Develop confidence, self-esteem, and self motivation by viewing positive images.

By presenting positive images and audio encouragements to the user, this app tries to induce positive feelings and a sense of self-worth in the user. This app targets people with a sense of low self-worth and low self-love and tries to instill in them a positive outlook and a optimistic viewpoint. The app also tries to improve the users motivation. By looking at the images and hearing the words that the speaker says, the user gets positive feelings. With time you may say the affirmations as the speaker says them, thus reinforcing the positive statements in your mind. Try to watch the video daily, in the morning and, with time you may believe that you are a valuable human being, deserving of love and appreciation. And, believing that you are worthy of love and appreciation, you can find positive relationships that enhance and support you in your journey through life.


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