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CW Morse chat, exercise, and converter in an app which help you master the Morse

Version3.0.2 (21)
UpdatedSep 15, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperVedppa Application
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Morse Me is designed to help people practicing their Morse skills.

With this application, you can chat using Morse signals with your friends, convert CW Morse code to text and vice versa, practice sending signals using digital telegraph, and practice listening.

New: UI
Fresh UI to make your app experience much smoother.

Chat with your friends using Morse signals. Frequent usage of this feature will improve your Morse sending skills in sending and listening.

Here you can find all the alphabets, numbers, and punctuations. Press the image of each characters to play the Morse signal and use the telegraph to practice sending a signal.

If you just started learning Morse codes, here is the place where you can practise by listening to morse tones and check if you can decode all the letters correctly. Share the results with your friends to show your skill in Morse code.

Basic converter from Morse to text can be found here. Pressing the Morse button will convert the Morse code and vice versa. Pressing the light button will trigger the flashlight on your smartphone and pressing the audio will generate audio signal.

In the setting you can always change the speed in WPM, Farnsworth in WPM, and frequency in Hz.

For you who are learning CW, Morse Me will help you improving your skill, especially when using CHAT. This app can be used as your trainer in listening and sending signals.

- Chat
- Converter
- Interactive Telegraph.
- Interactive Morse book.
- Adjustable words per minute (wpm).
- Adjustable pitch frequency.
- Simple to navigate.
- Can be used as CW Trainer.
- Fresh User Interface.

Download and install this Morse Me, experience all parts of the app, and give us some feedbacks using "Your request". It will send your feedbacks directly to our developer team.


Sincerely yours,
Vedppa Application Team.

What's New

The app was a bit up and down from the last update. This update improved the stability of the app based on the crash reports.

Email: vedppa@gmail.com

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