Your #1 survival tool! Send SOS distress signal and Morse code with flashlight!

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Free download MorseLight - Survival flashlight: SOS & Morse code 1.0 apk app latest version for android


MorseLight is a flashlight that can transmit the SOS distress signal, Morse code messages and your GPS coordinates. It's your #1 survival tool! And it's also a strobe light!

MorseLight not only is a flashlight but it can also send the SOS distress signal through light flashes, sound and even vibration! Not only that but it is also a strobe light and can also send your GPS location coordinates and custom messages in Morse code!

It’s preset with the most audible sound and everything is fully customizable, from sound frequency and type to Morse cadence, strobe light interval and even GPS location coordinates precision!

Picture this survival situation:

You get lost in the woods and there’s no signal. Well, thankfully you’re carrying MorseLight with you. So you bring out your survival flashlight and send an SOS out there with both sound and light! SOS is the international distress signal that can be easily recognized. But oh!, your leg got trapped under a log, so you better ask for proper assistance. Well, with MorseLight you can send a custom message in Morse code to do so!

It’s deep night now and possibly there’s someone out there who can see your distress signal, but they can’t exactly figure out your exact position because of the mist or light dispersion. Or maybe they could see your signal from afar, but once they would move to get to you they might not be able to see your signal and position anymore due to the uneven geography. Well, luckily you can send your GPS location coordinates with MorseLight!

So talking about survival, finally you’re rescued and later on decide to throw a party for your rescuers. Okay, no problem! You bring out MorseLight, your beloved flashlight and play the strobe light feature!

But what about the vibration? Well, I can think of several funny usages for that one, but I’ll let you figure that out yourself!

Above all, be safe and have fun!

So for all that and more MorseLight is your #1 survival flashlight! Because with MorseLight flashlight you can easily transmit your GPS coordinates, custom Morse messages, SOS distress signal, or use it to play with the strobe light!


Xiaomi owners with pre-Marshmallow Android versions: Note that you must grant camera permission in order to use the flash.

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There are improvements and new features on their way!

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