Moto Traffic Rider: Arcade Race - Motor Racing APK

Real bike street racing! Become the best traffic rider! Highway motor race!

Tired of traffic jam? Of endless road full of cars? Jump on motorbike and become a racing bike rider! Race through traffic, avoid road works, escape police and become the best motorcycle stunt jumper! Real highway race at top speed!

A story about motorbike rider
Race through beautiful landscapes like desert or savanna! Choose a motorcycle and ride like a motorbike rider! There are many bikes to choose from and it’s up to you to choose real bike monster for this epic challenge! Feel like a young boy and rush into highway! But you’re not the only traffic rider here! Push your moto machine to the limits, but avoid death traps! You don’t want to become a roadkill! Swing the motor to the sides to avoid destruction after collision with a car or truck! Watch for road works! Hitting them may be a finish to your motorbike rider career! Experience top speed in motor racing game! One of the best free games for boys in the world!

Become a stunt legend!
Drifting between cars, trucks and motorcycles is just a one way to dash ahead. Have you ever dreamt about making professional stunt moves? Now you can do a bike donut! Look for many ramps on the road and jump your moto machine over everyone! Even some trucks can provide a ramp! Riding in opposite direction and jumping from the ramps at top speed will make you earn more points! Try acrobatic tricks while in fly to get more combo points! Amazing experience for kids and family, for anyone! Swing your moto machine and try to do wheelie or stoppie! Feel your motorbike wheels turns hot? It’s real! Wheelie and stoppie let you earn even more points and become a motorbike rider legend! Police may watch you, but you can’t stop this ride! Jump higher and farther. Real bike race challenge for real men! Show mad motor skills and be the best ryder!

Classic motor racing game meets modern stunt simulator
Racing through traffic jam on motorcycle? Insane stunt jumps on bike at top speed? Combine it and experience it in this epic game! Racing through highway in the traffic hour was never so much fun! Fast ride through the city, desert on savanna! Addicting game for boys - you’ll want to become a professional stunt motor jumper and bike traffic rider! This is the real motorcycle racing game! This is a game for boys and men and it’s not a moto gp. It’s an illegal street racing and you’re about to become a traffic race legend! Be the best rider. For free!

Ride through traffic jammed highway!
Drift between cars, trucks and motorcycles!
Avoid road works!
Make a bike donut, wheelie and stoppie!
Jump from ramps and make insane stunt moves!
Gain points from jumps, high speed and crazy maneuvers!

Multiplayer mode - challenge your friends!
More motorbikes to choose from!
More stunt moves to make!
More challenge on the road!

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