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Motor is the most popular vehicle because it has the best mobility. For motorcycle enthusiasts, having a unique motor will make you proud. Do you like motorcycle modifications and like to be the center of attention? If yes then this application you must try. such as racing wheels, alloy wheels, standard alloy wheels, racing wheels, cross velg.
Actually alloy wheels have some function apart from its main function as a means
motor drive to move forward or backward. The function of each wheel depends on the type of wheels
will be used for what the motor is, what is only for daily activities, for racing
motor or just to modify the motor to look more cool.
Type of motor alloy wheels are good for your motorcycle there are two types of rims crossbar (solid
wheel), where alloy wheels and supporters are made as a unit union that usually terbut
of aluminum (print). While the other adalh velg radius (spoke wheel). This type is most
many developed by motorcycle manufacturers, where the connection wheels with forks put together
by metal wires forming a particular pattern.

Metal or metal rims are often called racing wheels consisting of a mixture of aluminum, carbon,
and other metals. At first this mixture of metals is also mixed with magnesium, but because of it
flammable, the mag-allog wheels are forbidden for racing.
According to the development of the model, currently many motor and motor spare parts who use the wheel
(rim wheel) metal, because it is lighter, accurate, and efficient, But the price is relatively more
expensive. The advantage is what makes this type of wheels are often used in motor racing, so
known as racing wheel. In addition to looking more handsome, this wheels are also very good for tires
tubeless, because the tire seat position on the wheel more perfect.

Tubeless tire is recommended for metal rims, because when the tire leaks, then you are not
need to remove the tire from the wheel, so that damage to the wheels can be avoided. Another case with
Conventional spoke wheel rim (conventional spoke wheel rim). This type of wheel can not be used for tires
tubeless, because the hole of the fingers will leak the air of the tire outward.
Once you know the type of alloy wheels now you are free to choose the wheels as you wish.

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