Moulid Kithab APK

The perfect digital Moulid Kitab that blends what you need

Version10.22 (10)
UpdatedApr 03, 2020 (4 months ago)
DeveloperManzil Developers
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You are at the best place to get the digital version of Moulid Kitab which is blended with tens of Moulid, Baith, Qaseeda, Mala, Swalath, Dikr, Aurad. Without any third-party applications, the app can be used in an easy flow with User-Friendly UI, Responsive Layout, Iconic Identification, Flat Design Strategy, Minimal Size and many more.

This application contains:
☞ Quran Complete
☞ Manqoos Moulid
☞ Badr Moulid
☞ Sharrafal Anaam
☞ Muhiyaddeen Moulid
☞ Rifaee Moulid
☞ Ajmer Moulid
☞ C.M Valiyulla Moulid
☞ Thajul Ulama Moulid
☞ O.K Usthad Moulid
☞ Muhiyaddeen Mala
☞ Nafeesath Mala
☞ Qaseedathul Burda
☞ Badriyyath
☞ Haddad Ratheeb
☞ Asma-ul Husna
☞ Asma-ul Badr
☞ Ahlamu Swalath
☞ Swalath Thaj
☞ Swalath Kahf
☞ Quthubiyyath
☞ Ashraqa Baith
☞ Thala'al Badru Baith
☞ Badr Baith
☞ Kundoor Usthad Baith
☞ Salam Baith
☞ Mamburam Baith

And Daily needed Soorah:
☞ Soorath Yaseen
☞ Soorah Vaqiya
☞ Soorah Mulk
☞ Soorah Duqaan
☞ Soorah Sajada
☞ Soorah Rahman
☞ Soorah Kahf

For any queries please don't hesitate to contact:

Email: abdulfathahkodag@gmail.com

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